online coaching interpreting interpreters

Developing your retour

60-mn video training for conference interpreters

Give your B language a boost!

  • Find out where to start: assess your B language and prioritise your next steps
  • Learn to weigh up what needs work and what can be set aside
  • Discover how to practise productively, even without a native speaker to help

Tried and tested techniques from a trainer with 18 years' experience both as a conference interpreter and interpreting coach.


This video will show you:

Tip #1

Why interpreting speeches, then listening back to your performance, isn't always the best approach

lightbulb moment

Tip #2

How you can expand your vocabulary by working with word clusters

blank notepad

Tip #3

What types of exercises can help you make rapid progress



What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer refunds.

Is this video suitable for me?

If you are an interpreter hoping to turn a C language into a B language, or an interpreter with an existing 'retour' who is keen to keep improving, this video will give you lots of tips and useful advice.

The principles are valid regardless of your B language; the information will be even more valuable if your B language is English.

What will you cover?

Among other things, I'll talk about:

  • where to start
  • what attributes are particularly useful for a retourist
  • the types of exercise that will help you make rapid progress
  • how to work on accent and intonation
  • how to work on retour interpreting technique
  • how to expand your vocabulary and work on usage in your B language
  • how to practise productively