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English 4 Interpreters

Bringing you tailor-made, curated materials on a variety of relevant topics. Let our team of highly experienced trainers save you time and guide you in your professional development.

This module focuses on



Working on your English C is exciting.

But there's information overload to contend with. Not to mention that most available materials are designed for language learners, not interpreters.

That's where The Interpreting Coach team comes in. With years of training experience under our belts, we've helped students and seasoned interpreters alike improve their understanding, focus on critical interpreting challenges, and feel more confident about their English C.


We're offering you the whole package.

E4T isn't like an advanced English textbook, a flashcard app, or a language learning site.

Looking for topic-focused material to help you improve quickly? In search of exercises that are designed for interpreters, including audio files?

Want to practise with relevant material before an assignment? Looking for a few real-life speeches to challenge yourself? Ready for tricky accents, flowery rhetoric, or very idiomatic language?

You'll find all of this in E4T.

This module contains:

  • 1 reading exercise to help you work on synonyms, reformulation, key terminology, and comprehension
  • 2 listening exercises on the OECD BEPS agreement, to help you understand the main points and 'fill in the blanks' even when the vocabulary is challenging
  • 1 reformulation exercise for English Bs
  • Exposure to North American, British, Kenyan, Australian, and Indian accents
  • 3 tailor-made practice speeches by different authors, covering essential vocabulary: tax avoidance, the taxation of multinationals, and tax havens in the EU
  • 3 carefully selected real-life speeches (with guidance to help you tackle them successfully) on US international tax policy, how journalists collaborate to tell stories about tax avoidance, and corporate tax reform
  • Glossary templates in Excel containing key terminology about the taxation, miscellaneous vocabulary gathered from all the practice speeches, idiomatic phrases, and a section with basic definitions.
  • A list of useful resources to expand your knowledge and vocabulary further
  • Checklists and progress trackers to keep you motivated
  • A bonus note-taking exercise and bonus speech - if you manage to get through all the rest!


PLEASE NOTE: purchasing this module entitles you to use these materials for your personal learning. Trainers may use the materials in the classroom subject to the terms below (please scroll down to the FAQs).

If you are interested in purchasing a licence for a group of trainers or a cohort of students, please contact us.

"As I went through the module, I kept discovering new exercises. I liked the custom-made speeches and the listening exercise linked to it. The listening exercise as well as the full transcript of the texts or the subtitles helped me understand better and see how I can improve my work.

Resources were great, several background information websites as well as a glossary template.

I am enthusiastic!"

Catherine D. P., conference interpreter

"The real-life and tailor-made speeches are excellent practice.

Should I have a meeting on this subject in the forthcoming weeks/months, the material would undoubtedly make a difference in my understanding of the subject and key words/concepts and help me find the right equivalents in my mother tongue.

E4T provides top-quality practice material for interpreters (and/or trainers) who are eager to find out more about the topic and arrive fully prepared/confident at the meeting."

Marielle M., conference interpreter

Why sign up for English 4 terps?

A fair question. After all, when you're working on adding or improving a C language, there's a plethora of options, from language teachers to apps to websites.

All the materials are designed or carefully selected by highly experienced interpreter trainers. This kind of detailed, tailor-made, pedagogically-sound package isn't available anywhere else.

Each month's module is based around a topic and designed to be very comprehensive, giving you a vocabulary, knowledge, and confidence boost in one fell swoop.

With around 5 hours' worth of practice material, each module represents incredible value for money.


Meet the team

I couldn't be prouder of the team I've put together to bring you E4T.

Between us, we have years of experience, oodles of enthusiasm, plenty of complementary skills and subject knowledge, and a strong desire to help you improve.

Sophie Llewellyn Smith

Founder of The Interpreting Coach

Sophie is a conference interpreter (EL, DE, FR<>EN) and member of AIIC. She combines work for the EU institutions with interpreter training at several universities.

With 18 years' experience as a trainer, she has taught on English enhancement and retour courses for the UN, the European Parliament, and the African Union, as well as Training of Trainers courses for SCIC and AIIC.

She is also the creator of Speechpool and the recent summit for interpreters, TerpSummit. The bulk of her work these days comprises 1-1 coaching, blogging, delivering webinars, and running her membership programme for English retourists, Rock your Retour.

Catriona Howard

Conference interpreter and trainer

Catriona graduated as a conference interpreter in 2005, and started contributing to classes and mock conferences soon after. She has trained interpreters at the Universities of Leeds and Manchester in the UK, and has taught on English enhancement courses for the European Commission and the European Parliament. Catriona has been accredited with the EU institutions since 2009, and also works on the private market. Her current language combination is English A Spanish B French C, and she is working hard on her Italian. She is a member of AIIC.

Kirsten Coope

Conference interpreter and trainer

Kirsten started training to be an interpreter 16 years ago and she is still working on it… In the meantime, she passed competitive exams for the United Nations and the EU institutions before going on to work as a staff interpreter at the European Parliament. During her time in Brussels, Kirsten acted as an English retour assessor for staff and freelance tests and a mentor for new freelancers. As an interpreter trainer, Kirsten has worked for universities and on short courses provided for the EU institutions.

As well as being an interpreter, Kirsten has also worked in the legal sector, specialising in immigration and human rights law.


How long will I have access to the materials?

You will have on demand access for as long as the Interpreting Coach website continues to exist (this is generally known as 'lifetime' access).

My English is a B language. Is there any point buying E4T?

E4T is great for preparing for meetings, regardless of whether your English is a C or a B!

If your English is already very strong, E4T may not expand your vocabulary very much. However, you can use the materials to familiarise yourself with various accents and make sure you know the buzzwords for a particular topic.

There are also many ways to use E4T materials to enhance your English B:

- listen to one of the tailor-made speeches just before interpreting a speech from A>B, to make sure you have key vocabulary at your fingertips

- shadow a tailor-made speech to work on intonation

- use the speeches as source material for reformulation or simplification exercises

- use the materials as a source of useful phrases and idioms

- practise note-taking and interpreting from EN>EN

Who is E4T suitable for?

E4T is suitable for interpreters seeking to add English as a C language, or gain confidence and a greater depth of knowledge with an existing English C.

If you are hoping to turn an English C into a B, you will find the materials very useful as a source of vocabulary and ready-made phrases.

If you have an English B, you will also find the materials useful to help you activate relevant vocabulary. Where the materials lend themselves to it, we have suggested specific exercises for interpreters who have an English B (see above).

Who is E4T NOT suitable for?

E4T is NOT suitable for complete beginners. If you are only just beginning to learn English as a C language, the materials will be too advanced, and if have not yet mastered basic interpreting skills, you won't be able to make full use of the practice speeches.

E4T is NOT suitable for interpreters whose A language is English.

Do you offer a version of E4T for interpreting schools to use as teaching materials?

If you are a trainer and you have purchased a module, you may use it in the classroom (for example, you could play one of the speeches or do one of the exercises with your students). Please credit us and don't share your login details, as this infringes the site rules and compromises security.

We're happy to discuss a package which would allow several trainers from an interpreting school to use the materials in class without infringing copyright.

Or you can purchase a licence to give a group of interpreting students access to the materials.

Please contact us at for pricing, which is dependent on the number of trainers who you wish to have access, or the number of students in the cohort.

Tell me more about the cost.

Individual modules of E4T are priced at €50 each.

What's the time commitment?

That's up to you! You can pick and choose from the materials, or you can go through everything at your own pace. Each module contains between 30 and 60 minutes of video material, plus written and audio exercises. If you went through every exercise, including interpreting all the speeches and evaluating your performance, this would represent over 5 hours of learning time. Amazing value!

Does it matter what my A language is?

No! All the materials, exercises and explanations are in English. If you try out the interpreting exercises, it will be up to you to assess the quality of your own work into your A language! :-) Or you could work with a practice partner.

What's your refund policy?

E4T modules contain digital material, so we do not offer refunds. If you'd like a sneak peek at some of the materials before buying, please get in touch.

You haven't answered my question.

Please email Sophie at