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Principles of consecutive note-taking

100 mn video training for interpreters

Refresh your note-taking skills!

  • Learn how to reflect the structure of a speech in the layout of your notes on the page
  • Discover how to develop useful symbols - and how many you need
  • Learn what makes a solid, reliable note-taking system, and how you can personalise your own

Tried and tested techniques from a trainer with 18 years' experience both as a conference interpreter and interpreting coach.


This video will show you:

Tip #1

Why trying to write EVERYTHING down in the source language is a mistake 

lightbulb moment

Tip #2

How you can turn your note-taking into a more reliable tool by using the page layout consistently

blank notepad

Tip #3

What types of exercises can help you make rapid progress



What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer refunds.

Is this video suitable for me?

If you have little or no experience of note-taking and want to learn the principles from scratch, this video is suitable for you.

If your note-taking is rusty or you feel you were never properly taught the principles of note-taking, this video is also suitable, although you may find some of the material familiar.

If you regularly use consecutive at work and are looking for advice on advanced techniques, this video will be too basic for you.

Will you be talking about using a tablet for note-taking?

Nope. There are already great courses covering just that - search the Internet for them!

What will you cover?

Among other things, I'll talk about:

  • how notes can help - and hinder - your performance
  • what languages you should take your notes in
  • some tips to help you use your notepad professionally
  • how to use the layout of your notes to reflect the structure of the speech
  • symbols, abbreviations, and time
  • expressing the speaker's opinions and feelings
  • the types of exercise that will help you make rapid progress