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Kickstart your English retour with these great shortcuts!  

Are you looking for tailor-made materials to help you improve your retour?  

With this treasure trove of over 100 articles designed for interpreters, you will improve your grasp of the subtleties of English and sound more idiomatic, knowledgeable and authoritative when interpreting.


High quality retour training can be difficult to access, and/or expensive. You may not be able to attend a year-long interpreting course or even a short course, for reasons to do with time or affordability. Yet a strong retour can open new markets for you.

Since 2018, I've been addressing the demand for retour training with an online membership site called Rock your Retour , comprising regular, exclusive teaching materials on a dedicated members' portal, and weekly live classes. I write all the materials myself, and they are tailored to the needs of my clients, who are professional conference interpreters. Most of my posts are written in response to errors I hear retourists making over and over again.

You won't find anything like this in dictionaries, on English language blogs, or in grammar books.

The RyR 2019 archive brings together a full year of content (more than 100 posts), without the need to commit to ongoing membership, live classes, or a Facebook group. You get all the good stuff, to work through whenever you like (all the posts can be downloaded as PDFs).

You can dip into the materials as you see fit, with the following benefits:

  • guidance from an experienced interpreting coach who is a native speaker of English
  • teaching materials tailor-made for interpreters, with an emphasis on English usage (terminology, syntax) and skills
  • flexible, self-paced learning
  • time commitment dependent on your availability and motivation


What is included in the Rock your Retour 2019 Archive?

  • more than 100 posts covering aspects of vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation
  • an in-depth look at usage, collocations, and disambiguation in the vocabulary sheets (for example: when do we say 'people', and when is it 'persons'? What's the difference between dubious and doubtful, efficient and effective, cultivate and grow, produce and manufacture, lethal and fatal, possible and potential, domestic and national, uninterested and disinterested, supply and provide, nowadays and now, substantial and substantive, politics and policy, and many more)?
  • An explanation of aspects of syntax that can cause ambiguity in your interpreting or make you sound clumsy in English (for example: double object verbs, tricky subject/verb agreements involving time, money, distance, and weight, and subtle differences in meaning caused by a different preposition).
  • Audio files to help you practise your pronunciation of minimal pairs (hat/hut, body/buddy) and correct syllable stress in 2-syllable heteronyms (e.g. process, record)
  • A toolkit to help you talk convincingly about topics such as making a start, setting goals, keeping and breaking promises, being upbeat, reaching gridlock, voting in elections, and more.
  • Idiom sheets with explanations, examples taken from real-life material, and alternatives for idiomatic phrases you will find useful in meeting situations.
  • English-English exercises and improvisations to help consolidate your learning.
  • A few quizzes, just for fun! (Do you know when to use 'historic', and when to say 'historical'?)


Want the full list of what's included? Click below (this won't sign you up for newsletters or anything else)!


You are:

  • an interpreting student with English B
  • a professional interpreter hoping to turn an English C into a B
  • an interpreter with an existing retour into English, wanting to improve or refresh your skills

You want: 

  • to maintain your existing retour skills and avoid going rusty
  • to gain confidence if you don't use your retour very often
  • to sound more natural and convincing in English
  • to become more attuned to the subtleties of English and avoid making noticeable mistakes
  • to expand your 'toolkit' of vocabulary, idioms and terminology

You are looking for:

  • self-paced materials that you can study in your own time
  • high quality teaching materials tailor-made for English retourists
  • a set of short-cuts, to help you know that you are expressing yourself correctly in English  


online coaching interpreting interpreters


I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith, aka The Interpreting Coach.

I'm an EU-accredited conference interpreter and member of AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters) with over 17 years' experience as an interpreter trainer and Trainer of Trainers. 

I'm a specialist retour trainer, and have trained interpreters from organisations such as the African Union, the European Parliament, and the UN. I also organise retour courses for groups of interpreters on request.

I have a French retour myself, so I know what it's like trying to develop and maintain a strong retour! Over the years, I've given a lot of thought to what techniques work best. 

I love working with talented, motivated colleagues who are keen to improve their interpreting skills with a tailor-made approach.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


How much does it cost?

The Rock your Retour 2019 archive is currently available for an early-bird price of €200 (normal price €300).

How will I access the materials?

All the materials are organised in an exclusive members' portal. You will receive password-protected access so that you can read or download the posts whenever you like.

What is your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds once you have received access to the materials, unless a serious technical problem prevents your accessing the members' portal.

Does it matter what my A language is?

No! These materials are suitable for interpreters with any A language; they are designed to help you enhance your English B.

Who is the RyR 2019 archive NOT suitable for?

If you are looking for interpreting practice and feedback on your performance from an English speaker/interpreter trainer, you will not be satisfied with these materials, which are designed for self-learning and English enhancement. However, you may be interested in my membership programme with weekly live classes, Rock your Retour.

RyR is not suitable for beginners. The assumption is that you already have a robust grasp of English as a B language. The aim of the materials is to help you improve your retour, not to teach you to interpret from scratch.