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Kickstart your English retour with the Rock your Retour membership site!  

Are you looking for a flexible, affordable way to improve your retour?  

With this self-paced programme incorporating live classes, teaching materials and ongoing support, you can boost your skills and confidence and become more marketable.


High quality retour training can be difficult to access, and/or expensive. You may not be able to attend a year-long interpreting course or even a short course, for reasons to do with time or affordability. Yet a strong retour can open new markets for you.

A membership ship site is the ideal way for you to commit to practising your retour regularly, while receiving high quality teaching materials and guidance on how to improve your skills.

Rock your Retour is a unique, new way to improve or maintain your retour in your time, dipping into the materials as you see fit:

  • guidance from an experienced interpreting coach who is a native speaker of English
  • opportunities to receive feedback about your production of English and interpreting skills
  • teaching materials tailor-made for interpreters, with an emphasis on English usage (terminology, syntax) and skills
  • ongoing support
  • flexible, self-paced learning
  • time commitment dependent on your availability and motivation
  • affordable package with no tie-in


What is included in Rock your Retour membership (€50 per month)?

  • a weekly live class, in which I will give personal feedback to some of the participants on their work into English.
  • a weekly 'English in Depth' sheet, looking at terminology, idioms or syntax.
  • a weekly guided exercise or speech + suggestions on how to approach it.
  • occasional written exercises.
  • membership of a closed Facebook group to allow you to connect with fellow English retourists, ask questions about English usage or retour technique, or set up a practice group.
  • email access to me during office hours on Tuesdays and Fridays (1000-1200 BST)
  • a host of little bonuses, including tips about what's hot in the news, cultural references, motivation and more!


You are:

  • an interpreting student with English B
  • a professional interpreter hoping to turn an English C into a B
  • an interpreter with an existing retour into English, wanting to improve or refresh your skills

You want: 

  • to improve your English enough to turn it into a B, so as to get more work, or
  • to maintain your existing retour skills and avoid going rusty
  • to gain confidence if you don't use your retour very often
  • to ensure you are comfortable using your retour in a variety of contexts
  • to become more attuned to the subtleties of English
  • to expand your 'toolkit' of vocabulary, idioms and terminology
  • to identify and correct persistent errors in your use of English
  • to get motivated to practise your retour regularly

You are looking for:

  • self-paced materials, that you can study in your own time
  • some feedback from a native speaker
  • guidance about improving your skills
  • high quality teaching materials designed for English retourists
  • an affordable programme
  • regular support
  • a community of fellow retourists


online coaching interpreting interpreters


I'm Sophie Llewellyn Smith, aka The Interpreting Coach.

I'm an EU-accredited conference interpreter and member of AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters) with over 15 years' experience as an interpreter trainer and Trainer of Trainers. 

I'm a specialist retour trainer, and have trained interpreters from organisations such as the African Union, the European Parliament, and the UN. I also organise retour courses for groups of interpreters on request.

I have a French retour myself, so I know what it's like trying to develop and maintain a strong retour! Over the years, I've given a lot of thought to what techniques work best. 

I love working with talented, motivated colleagues who are keen to improve their interpreting skills with a tailor-made approach.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


How much does it cost?

The regular price is €50 per month. The discounted launch price is currently €40.

Is there a minimum tie-in?

No, you are only committing to a month's membership at a time. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time. For this reason, you cannot suspend your membership.

What is your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds, unless a serious technical problem means you cannot access the membership site at all. Remember you are only committing to a month's membership at a time. If you are interested in membership and would like a sneak preview of my materials, I am happy to send you a couple of files or point you to blog posts that contain similar content.

How much personal feedback will I receive?

If you attend live classes, you may have an opportunity to interpret 'live' and receive feedback from me (depending on the number of participants). You can also ask questions in the Facebook group, and email me during office hours. Rock your Retour is designed to support YOUR learning, though. If you want detailed feedback about several speeches per week, you would be better off looking for a coach.

Are the live classes compulsory?

Nothing is compulsory! You will get out of membership what you put into it. If you attend live classes, you will have a chance to work in the presence of other retourists and get some feedback. I will also put recordings of the classes on the site, so you can watch later.

What A languages do you cover?

Members with any A language are welcome to join. Much of the work is self-study in your own time. The feedback I give to participants on their output into English during live classes is useful even if I don't understand the source material.

If your mother tongue is French, German or Greek, and you attend live classes, you may get a slightly different style of feedback, with more focus on specific interpreting challenges and techniques.

How much time will I need to invest?

That's entirely up to you! Rock your Retour is designed as a programme to support the work YOU do to improve your retour. If you went through all the suggested exercises each week and attended every live class, I estimate it would take 2-3 hours. The more you put in, the more you get out of it!